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posted 20th Aug 2013, 12:20 AM

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20th Aug 2013, 12:20 AM


I really just wanted to get this up, since the story ended quite abruptly.
Most questions will be answered as the story goes on, but here are a few answers to questions people might have:

Q: What happened to Leandra before Dagger and Candy's final confrontation?
A: Dagger gave her false information on how to leave their realm and go to another one. She was trying to figure out how to make it work while they fought it out.

Q: What was Dagger trying to do exactly? What is the "dark ritual"?
A: The dark ritual is a sacrifice of a demon to give power to the one who activated it. (ie Dagger) The world would be restarted, without Candy, giving Dagger the life power from Candy's life. Since Dagger was sacrificed instead, I wonder how that will affect the world...

Q: Why did Dagger die before Candy?
A: The blade doesn't allow the demon to be healed or cured, but they don't die immediately from wounds, since they're magical creatures. Candy was in more severe condition than Dagger, but she stabbed Dagger in the head, destroying her first.

Q: Why are you having everything restart?
A: I originally was doing DW to mess around with doodling and Leandra's character development. Once I realized I wanted to take the story seriously, I looked back at my work and was not satisfied. I didn't want to just trash everything I've written up until now, so I added a story element to make it flow.

Q: Is Dagger gone from the comic forever?
A: Physically, yes, but she might show up somehow...

Let me know if there are any other questions you might have, and I hope you enjoy this extended story of Demon Wings!

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